6: THREE STORIES about Moonlight, Pigeons, Bees, Egypt, Jesse James, Spanish Onions, the Queen of the Cracked Heads, the King of the Paper Sacks

Pig Wisps

There was an oyster king far in the south who knew how to open oysters and pick out the pearls.

He grew rich and all kinds of money came rolling in on him because he was a great oyster opener …

Kiss Me

Many years ago when pigs climbed chimneys and chased cats up into the trees, away back, so they say, there was a lumber king who lived in a river city with many wildcats in the timbers near by.

And the …

Blue Silver

Long ago when the years were dark and the black rains used to come with strong winds and blow the front porches off houses, and pick chimneys off houses, and blow them onto other houses, long ago when people had …

Elsie Piddock Skips in her Sleep From the book "Martin Pippin in the Daisy Field" by Eleanor Farjeon, pub. 1937, Illustrated by Isabel and John Morton-Sale

Elsie Piddock lived in Glynde under Caburn, where lots of other little girls lived too. They lived mostly on bread-and-butter, because their mothers were too poor to buy cake. As soon as Elsie began to hear, she heard the …

Prince Udo Sleeps Badly

Everybody likes to make a good impression on his first visit, but there were moments just before his arrival in Euralia when Prince Udo doubted whether the affair would go as well as he had hoped. You shall hear why.…

They Are Afraid of Udo

This is a painful chapter for me to write. Mercifully it is to be a short one. Later on I shall become used to the situation; inclined, even, to dwell upon its humorous side; but for the moment I cannot …

The Story of Little Cacinella From the book; Verotchka's Tales written in 1922 by D. N. Mamin-Siberiak; Translated by Ray Davidson; Illustrated by the great Boris M. Artzybasheff


OW and where little Cacinella (“Ladybug“) was born, no one knows. It happened one sunny day in spring.

Little Cacinella looked around and said, “Very nice.” She stretched her tiny wings, rubbed one little thin leg against

1. Three Stories About the Finding of the Zigzag Railroad, the Pigs with Bibs On, the Circus Clown Ovens, the Village of Liver-and-Onions, the Village of Cream Puffs.


Gimme the Ax

Please …

Sand Flat Shadows

Fire the Goat and Flim the Goose slept out. Stub pines stood over them. And away up next over the stub pines were stars.

It was a white sand flat they slept on. The floor of the sand flat ran …

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