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I used to hoard books. Now I hoard epubs. I keep them on my old kindle; I have nearly 2,000 books– and the stack never gets any heavier! Most of these come from Gutenberg, because I like the old authors, and also– free downloads. Many of these Gutenberg files have been edited by me, because I like a decent-looking page to read, and also illustrations if I can get them. Here’s a catalogue of some of them, as I fix ’em up.

The Etext Library

  • Irish Storytellers; A collection of accomplished spinners of tales, including  James Stephens, Brian MacMahon and the inimitable Padraic Colum
  • Frank R. Stockton; The writer of the classic; “The Lady? or, The Tiger?” will charm and beguile you with his wide range of interests and his fluid storytelling skills.
    Read online; The Floating Prince
  • Doctor Dolittle; Seven, thus far. More, I sincerely hope, to come.
  • E. Nesbit She is probably best known for her series “The Railway Children” but her output exceeded forty books for children alone.  I have a baker’s dozen that I am working my way through;
    Read online; a chapter (about writing poetry) from The Treasure Seekers
  • Some oddities for children; The King of Gee-Whiz, how’s that for a name! Also a lovely half-a-story by the great Walter De la Mare,  two riffs on Peter Pan from J. M. Barrie, and adventures in baby-sitting from the Victorian humorist W. Heath Robinson.

Read online;

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