4. Four Stories About  the Deep Doom of Dark Doorways


The Rag Doll

The Broom Handle

Spoon Lickers

Chocolate Chins

Dirty Bibs

Tin Pan Bangers

Clean Ears

Easy Ticklers

Musical Soup Eaters

Chubby Chubs

Sleepy Heads

Snoo Foo

Blink, Swink and Jink

Blunk, Swunk and Junk

Missus Sniggers

Eeta Peeca Pie

Meeny Miney

Miney Mo

A Potato Bug Millionaire

Bimbo the Snip

Bevo the Hike

A Ward Alderman

A Barn Boss

A Weather Man

A Traffic Policeman

A Monkey

A Widow Woman

An Umbrella Handle Maker

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